Why Your Social Efforts Are Failing

The Experience Economy
Some might call it the ADD or what have you done for me lately economy. Its why we spend $3 more for coffee at Starbucks.

Our prospective clients (and you and I are similar in this) have collective consumer ADD. It has been estimated that we get up to
5,000 + messages sent at us a day.

Those numbers have been debated but the real point that is not debatable is that advertising messages are everywhere. And has us all in a sensory overload of solicitation.

And lets not forget to mention the conspiratorial subliminal messages that we supposedly get and the barrage of priming and story messages put into our daily view.

Its like they know we are overwhelmed with the obvious billboards, TV, and radio ads. So let’s get the other more powerful part of our mind with a straight shot at our Sub C.

From a George Bush ad in 2004 against Al Gore

Bush V Gore ad with sbuliminal RATSThis was an intro to the word bureaucrats. Watch the video.

But I caught an interesting use of priming over the recent Super Bowl scandal whereby the Seattle Seahawk player Marshawn Lynch would not speak to the press. The was either a purposeful ruse or was leveraged at the last minute for an insurance commercial.
The “Interviews”

The Commercial

Update: Since the original publication this article, it turns out that Marshawn  just filed for a Trademark that “I’m just here so I don’t get fined” phrase.

Priming is a way to get pieces of your message into your audiences sub conscious awareness. I often do this in my social media. I once wrote a coaching story titled, “Beautiful Girl”.

As I researched the story about a heart wrenching loss and how a little girl told me everything would be OK. I posted about ten or fifteen posts all day around that theme. I think I posted everything from football coaching stuff to a clip from the movie of the same Title as mine. And even the Inxs tune.

Needless to say my readership of that article skyrocketed. Many will do this in the guise as news jacking. If there is a story on everyone’s mind, then you can piggyback that news or theme.

Is it Any Wonder Why It is So Hard to Connect With Our Audience?

So we are already hammered by the ads, so add into the internet time and social media. Facebook or Twitter seems about 5 messages per 5 seconds or 3 per thumb swipe on a smart phone. Don’t blink there went your cool post.

Our senses are bombarded with 11 MILLION BITS of INFO EVERY SECOND. 11 million!!! But the upper limit of our working memory is 5-9 chunks of info, which translates to 40-50 bits. That leaves 10,999,950 bits of info that need to be processed. – telesian.com

There are three rock solid ways to give your followers what they want and break them out of their ADD trance.

….How to be their Pied Piper
Pied Piper

1. Demonstrate-Make their lives a little better. So long as it matches their interest demographic and yours so what? Teach them something. I do not mind writing about football as many of my prospective clients enjoy the game. But I also publish more about coaching as a context to help kids. That widens my target to anyone who cares about kids. Even folks who do not like the game. But they like how I am helping kids and encouraging other adults to do the same.

2. Engage them-Are you guilty of just posting on your own wall or blog and expecting them to come to you? Build it and they will come kind of thing? In order for them to hangout with you, often you have to go hang out with them first in social media.

3. Congregate them– Even better than meeting them on their wall is to meet them in their group. Eventually making you able to become their pide piper. I know of some “gurus” who simply create their own group. Some ideologues and profiteers call this a tribe, community, herd, or cult.

Become a leader within that community and you will become Chief, Mayor, Herder, and or Guru. Their Pied Piper!

Identify the herd and go get ’em.

I have received business more than once from writing commentary help in a group of closely knit people. The mistake most make and (thus they do not bother) is that the folks in the group most likely are not going to use you.

Especially a group centered around their own pain. It depends on the niche and group of course. They often are looking for a self help cure. It is more often than not the lurker who will contact you after seeing your great wisdom authored in a post’s commentary.

Residual Efforts

A Super Bowl hit is more than just YouTube views or Twitter tweets. The most successful ads, Jason Peterson, chief creative officer at Euro RSCG’s Chicago says, will not just be watched again online, but be reimagined. In other words, they’ll not only go viral—they’ll become Internet memes. Fast Company

Does your content have residual value? Also this kind of commenting tends to be evergreen. More easily found than your wall or even your website.

Of course anything you ever create that is really good should typically syndicate into other social circles and or your blog. Always repurpose your efforts. Like with the SuperBowl ads.

And as you do this over time you are able to call upon your own content. As an example, I was recently in a conversation with people on Facebook about door to door salesmen. I remembered a post I wrote about on my HouseBlogger.com blog in 2008. I linked them there.

I recently counseled a Realtor client to create interviews with local experts like financial advisers that we will syndicate through You Tube and other video sites as well as the normal social platforms. And of course on his blog we built for him.

This is evergreen and will forever be findable by future prospects when we set it up right.

Are you creating content? Do you need help doing it?

We are creating and assisting in content creation for our clients and marketing it via social media and traditional SEO marketing.

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