Why My Social Posts Go Viral


What do you see?

A white dot on black?

A black background on a white dot?


Or difference is a humanly innate, inbred, wired way we view the world.

It is that DNA thing where we see that slight movement in the brush on the Savannah in our  Cro-Magnon past. It is a survival mechanism that is not going away anytime soon.

And it is one of the reason my posts on Facebook typically go on for 20 or more comments.

When everyone is doing what the gurus say is to post graphics, I post a long winded blog post without a graphic.

When everyone seems to be long winded. I post a sentence.

Be different.

About Tim O'Keefe

An original SEO from the 90's, Tim has the unique historical perspective in search and social as they merge into one another. SEO is Social is Reputation and all of it is Publicity. Tim was one of the first big bloggers and mentored many startups in the early 2000's. Tim is always a good interview and has left many an interviewer with plenty of quotables. Call Tim O''Keefe at 310 533 9145

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