What The SEOs Aren’t Telling You

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We are ranking clients websites, organic and Business/Local. Big deal OK, OK…
We are ranking clients Facebook pages and posts.
We are ranking clients Yelp pages.
We are ranking clients videos. On their site and on YouTube and other platforms.
And I can go on. Suffice it to say on some long tail keywords. You know those phrases that actually convert? We often own 8 and 9 of 10 positions.

Ranking causes traffic.
Traffic causes visits to your website.
Visits causes phone calls and sales.

This plan is frustrating some of my more anal retentive clients because they cannot track it through  Google Analytics. The phone keeps ringing and they wonder “where are they coming from Tim?”

Well when everything with your name on it is ranking in a positive search result. Its not hard to figure that out.

That is how you do social media. That is how you do reputation marketing. That is how you do SEO in 2015.

Do you want to do this on your own?
Create content and set it up to flow down through the various social sites. There are a bunch of ways to do this with various outcomes. One way is to use your phone with  Instagram and let it syndicate into Facebook, Linkedin and Foursquare. But there are tons more that I can do with that which is beyond this letter. But suffice it to say, you are getting the point.

If you want to simply blast content.then Hootsuite is a good way to hammer at several sites at once.

If you upload a Youtube video, right there below your video is an opportunity to syndicate to multiple other social sites.

Now if those sites are optimized and you link to them with other social posts or actual old school linking. They can rank, often very easily if you are going after long tail stuff. An example if you are a dentist is the word dentist is a short tail word.

Torrance Dentist is more long. But Torrance Orthopedic Dentist is even more long tail. Torrance Emergency Orthopedic Dental Surgery is more long tail. You get the idea.

So hopefully this has your wheels spinning. But there is something we left out. All of this assumes that you are creating content. We have a machine to to that. You need to get one too. We can help you create your own machine or work in partnership with your content machine.

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About Tim O'Keefe

An original SEO from the 90's, Tim has the unique historical perspective in search and social as they merge into one another. SEO is Social is Reputation and all of it is Publicity. Tim was one of the first big bloggers and mentored many startups in the early 2000's. Tim is always a good interview and has left many an interviewer with plenty of quotables. Call Tim O''Keefe at 310 533 9145

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