Are You Cheating on Your Market?

Are you a taker?

Are you the business person who only says hello with the obligatory Christmas or Birthday card?

When it is time for business you provide it and then ask for a referral straight out of Glen Gary Glenn Ross sales 101. Congratulations, you are a dinosaur and the younger  generation is coming to eat you alive.

Sorry to be so morose.

But you are a taker. A net loss in your potential client’s lives.

You see you, me, your prospects. We are in information overload.

We get 5,000 messages a day and growing. We are slowly being trained to delete.

Delete SMS texts, Emails, Voicemails and we are in constant screening mode.

Our prospects are hiding from us behind their computers.

And you say “Hi, I am Jay the Widget Dude. Best Widgets this side of the State line.”

Good luck with that because there is a Widget guy or gal somewhere who has a series of videos on how to use a widget and how it will significantly improve your prospects life.

And why using his widget will be the best purchase you can possibly make. Not that it will, but why it will. Seeped with testimonials, Proof of authority, tutorials, Uses and so on.

Created by them, not their manufacturer.

That my dear friend is a giver.

It is also your opportunity.

You see if you have a superior service, if you have a superior product you have to let the world know. It is your moral obligation.

Too many businesses believe that making a superior product is all that is needed.

I have one word for you. Microsoft.

The biggest piece of you know what ever created was DOS. Then 3.1 and so on.

While some proprietors wait for business. The crafty are using Guerilla Marketing to capture your market share.

Too many crappy services get known because they have the louder voices.  And their competition has little to none.

Let me give you an example.

In the youth league I preside over we got visited by one of our alumni parents this past weekend. I got a testimonial video from her with my smart phone.

  • Now that video testimonial is on Youtube and ranking.
  • Now it is also on our website, helping that site to rank.
  • It is also on our league Facebook page.
  • And it is on a local news site’s Facebook page as an act of combating an upstart competitive league.

That my friend is how you create news.

Are you following me here?

Most people are afraid to reach out. Often when we are afraid it is because we have no clue on why and what we are accomplishing.

So I asked my league to all go and comment on that post and share and or like it. Why would I do that?

The Fabulous Life

In the O’Keefe family we have an ongoing social media joke.

When we see peeps at dinner, at perpetual vacations, at cool social events. We call that the fabulous life.

I have no idea if that is true or not. If their life is cool. But their perception tells us that things are great!

We know of someone who had taken professional engagement photos on their Hawaii vacation. She posted a couple a day. I think they posted the whole batch over a month or so time.

The perception they created is indeed a fabulous life.

Now you may call that person a narcissist. I agree. But it works! Especially when you have a superior service to get into the hands of your audience.

It makes reality larger than life.

10 likes,shares or comments might as well be 1000.

Let me explain something. Consider this photo.


Does this evoke any kind of emotion? One way or the other did you just get a spike?

So when you take a photo of your community, families, beauty. Find symbols that relate to your clients. Even if they have nothing to do with your product or service.

Why would an insurance commercial feature pretty women?

They can all be symbols of the feelings that your product or service gives to your clients. It is not rational at all.

It automatically draws them in.

This article is being written in the Summer.  There are epic parties happening across the country. Huge public and colorful ways to reach out to your people.

Be the commentator on their lives and you will draw them in. The first step in AIDA

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

Baldwin spells it out a bit more uniquely:

The hardest thing in the world these days is to get attention. This is the easiest way to do it.

Help to frame the confusion they are in and they will follow your lead.

And few marketers will do this as it is against our human nature to think.

And there is nothing more slick than the marketer who gets the human to think once, so that the prospect no longer has to.

It is in our nature to checkbox off our lives so we no longer have to ponder the big stuff. Or especially the uninteresting stuff.

Myself, I have been sucked into being fascinated by why people do things.

Especially when a football friend in College shared with me a book on Subliminal Advertising called Clam Bake Orgy.

It put me into coaching youth football for years. It put on my Rolodex some of the leading manipulators/persuaders in the world.

I wanted to know why? Why do people eat too much?

Why did my own mother smoke since the 7th grade which eventually was her demise? In fact, she taught me much of this curiosity. So I saw the conflict in an enlightened person who was on a path of self destruction. Why?

And all this heavy thinking makes my social media and publishing irresistible.

Not because I ask people to think. But because I help do it for them. It is porn for the brain.

I want to do the same for you. I want to make you an authority in your market at what you do.

You probably do not want to get as risque as I do. But you will learn how to do it if you want to go there.

So I will be launching a membership consulting service soon to do just that. Making you a market thought leader.

But let’s help you out right now.

So its Summer time. Where will you be this weekend? I will be at our sign up table for the youth league I preside over. Guess what I will be doing?

I will be raising community leaders up in interviews and photos. And when you raise people up, you are raised. Or in this case my league will be.

Take photos, interview.

Get symbols into your social media.

Even if they do not necessarily match your business, the brain doesn’t care.

Everyone loves a child playing and giggling, fireworks, barbeques. Most of us can relate to that and it evokes good times and good feelings.

You see stick with me and you will begin to understand you are a political figure. A cult of personality.

And sadly too often your skill is not what is being judged. Because lets face it.

How can anyone judge future skill in a service economy?


We need to attack this like a politician. Kissing babies and making alliances. That  is what will get you remembered.

It is simply human nature. Leverage it. Now go take some videos and photos.

If Kim Kardashian can do it to create a jillion dollar empire, maybe you should.

kim kardashian

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