The Story is the Story

A Love Story of One

If you follow sports at all then you know last week was an amazing sports week. And the story that trumped them all was the Manti Teo love story was proved a fraud. If you are not a sports fan hang on there is a social media traffic lesson here.

Turns out the sports media fell in love with Manti as he tragically lost his grandmother and his girlfriend at mid season. It served as a great narrative for the media to hang onto as the Hawaiian born linebacker had a season that most footballers dream about.Except for the death part.

Then like the crushing his team took in the National Championship game. The story came crashing down as he admitted that the girlfriend did not exist. And that in fact he was duped.

A big part of the deception was done to the footballer via social media.(If you believe him ) I am not saying to go out and dupe anyone. But this story illustrates the power of the social media to create and tell stories.

He was being told a story, that he shared with others including the media, traditional and internet. Then he said the story was false and the media retold the story as I am retelling it to you here.

Tactically, by piggybacking the news of course . A great way to produce content by the way.

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