The Social Media Reality Effect

Do you watch reality TV?

Do you watch the evening news? Do you remember positive thinking gurus telling us not to watch or read the news as it is only one thing. Exaggerated bad stuff. And it is perceived globally. In other words we generalize that bad into the rest of our lives.

Well social media  is non stop trinkets of news. Spoon fed and personalized for our consumption. From our FRIENDS! So we like it or not generalize their exaggerations into our world.

It is in our biology to see something framed around our TV, our computer screens, our tablet or Mobile Device. And that focuses us and exaggerates the story.

A simple example is that of our friends who post their dinner or their outings. And it always seems like they are going out and having fabulous fun. Always on vacation. Doing fun stuff while we eat, hot wives and girlfriends and things always going perfect.

social media


What if like our friend here we simply started posting our normal drab business life, day to days and make it fabulous?

I remember a Realtor was at a showing in 100 degree August weather and her buyers were way late. She posted a video out by the pool reporting that the water is great and she couldn’t wait for them to experience it.

Making your life fabulous is easy and contagious. And gets eyeballs, likes, and followers. And followers are eventual clients for you.

About Tim O'Keefe

An original SEO from the 90's, Tim has the unique historical perspective in search and social as they merge into one another. SEO is Social is Reputation and all of it is Publicity. Tim was one of the first big bloggers and mentored many startups in the early 2000's. Tim is always a good interview and has left many an interviewer with plenty of quotables. Call Tim O''Keefe at 310 533 9145

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