The “Does Google Trust You?” Post

The web is a dangerous place. One of my websites recently fell prey to evil Word Press hackers who mocked me with their new concoction of my site. My site looked something like below. And gee, I guess Google wasn’t able to catch the evil bastards soon enough for me.


malwareSo should we trust Google completely? no. Trust but verify as someone once said.

However, Google does not trust you or me, but wants to trust us.

How do we get the Lord of the Internet to trust us:

We need to tap into the Borg. Full out. I used to be a bit skittish about this. But with the developments of the past year. We need to be fully transparent to Google by jumping on Google Plus and attaching all our web properties.

  • Does your site have clean code(hint most Word Press sites write very cleanly. Also make sure you have a friendly URL-unlike this site currently. (Do as I say not as I do;-)
  • Do you have links coming from more than the same type of platform. In other words are they all from Directories?
  • Do your links link to the same page of your site and not others? Do they say the same thing in the anchor text?
  • Does your site have multiple NAPS coming in as citations?
  • If you are a local company have you claimed your Local Business in Google.
  • Is your code mobile or responsive?
  • Is your site updated with fresh content?
  • Is your social profile and business profiles fresh.
  • Does your site have the need for speed?

Long story short if your site is sporting code from 2003 and hasn’t seen updated content since almost as long? Isn’t it a bit arrogant of us to expect Google to care about our site, if we don’t? Google search is looking for legit businesses to trust.

We are doing a training on this subject and more.

Yes Tim I want to Reserve my Spot on the Webinar! OVER

Oh interestingly, I just saw this. I guess we cannot always trust Google? “The Federal Trade Commission issued an advisory letter to 24 Internet search engines that suggest the companies should more clearly distinguish between paid advertisements and organic search results based on relevancy.”




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