Social Media is About Being Social Which Means People

G+Social media is great. But if everyone is talking and nobody is listening then you are spending a wasted effort.

Make sure that you have followers of whatever content you are posting in the area of the platform that you are posting.

You can get more followers by:
1. Advertising. Do this wrong and you will have lots more likes and followers not in your target market.
2. We talked about this in the last post. Make sure to go off your walls and comment and talk with folks on their walls, and communities. Be helpful and a thought leader.

This is extremely important for instance if you post into Google Plus. It will be all for not if nobody is following you.

When folks are signed into Google and are circled with you. You most likely will show up on their Google search results. If you are not circled with them, then you will not show up on their mainĀ  results.

So go get more people in your target demographic circled!

About Tim O'Keefe

An original SEO from the 90's, Tim has the unique historical perspective in search and social as they merge into one another. SEO is Social is Reputation and all of it is Publicity. Tim was one of the first big bloggers and mentored many startups in the early 2000's. Tim is always a good interview and has left many an interviewer with plenty of quotables. Call Tim O''Keefe at 310 533 9145

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