Deep Net Thoughts: Why is content king?

Content is King Marketing

I keep hearing content is King!  But I thought that was the whole point of a website? So isn’t that redundant? Get Content [pulsehover_text preset_name=”1″][/pulsehover_text]

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5 Rules For Social Media Success

 If you are not a celebrity or big brand. Then do not listen to metrics on how they are succeeding. They already have a herd/tribe/cult/new religion, you are on the network to build one. They are there to maintain and reignite their peeps. Engage. Engaging with your peeps is job…

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Social Media Content Strategy Webinar

[pulsehover_text preset_name=”1″] Bill Haisman of  for Real Office Assistant for Realtors recently produced a Webinar with me. I taught: How understanding the big picture is step one in Social Media. Goal is traffic and sales not SEO, Social, email or any other marketing tactic. How to use social to…

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Why Your Social Media Has No ROI

Gary V

Gary Vaynerchuk recently put together a great slide on the ROI of social media….. Spoiler Alert![pulsehover_text preset_name=”1″] Its not about the tool, its about the mechanic![/pulsehover_text]

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Reasons for Social Posting in Mass and Unique

Many people find glee when they discover tools like deliv/it or Hootsuite mass posting tools. I remember the firstI used was Ping.FM which was purchased by Hootsuite.  I was pretty dumbfounded how poorly Hootsuite welcomed Ping.FM users. Meaning I’m not sure I got any welcome emails. And I had multiple…

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Do Links Still Matter For SEO?

Do Links Still Matter for SEO

[pulsehover_text preset_name=”1″]In a recent video Google’s own Spamkiller Matt Cutts responded to a report that the Russian search engine  Yandex had stopped using links as a part of their search formula. Cutts says that Google has their engine running on private servers without links as a lab experiment and it…

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