How Seinfeld Will Save Your Social Media

If you enjoyed Seinfeld then you might recall the Show About Nothing Pitch to NBC. The pitch was basically a mirror of what the real Seinfeld show was seemingly about. But if you pay attention it was about much more. Most Seinfeld episodes has multiple story lines happening, many that…

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How Facebook Made Your Content Much Easier

on this day

  [pulsehover_text preset_name=”1″][/pulsehover_text]   Active content marketing companies often will repost content, the same content, the same day in social media. The theory is that the peeps who see your content in the AM are not the same seeing it at PM. That is a bit active for my blood.…

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Why Your Social Efforts Are Failing

Pied Piper

The Experience Economy Some might call it the ADD or what have you done for me lately economy. Its why we spend $3 more for coffee at Starbucks. Our prospective clients (and you and I are similar in this) have collective consumer ADD. It has been estimated that we get…

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Social Media is About Being Social Which Means People


Social media is great. But if everyone is talking and nobody is listening then you are spending a wasted effort. Make sure that you have followers of whatever content you are posting in the area of the platform that you are posting. You can get more followers by: 1. Advertising.…

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What is Your Very Best Defense Against Bigger Websites?

[pulsehover_text preset_name=”1″][/pulsehover_text] I have been working hard of late putting together a series of posts and material around strategy for you. I have written about this before. Key Points You Will Receive When You Read This Complete Article: Your experiences and skills demonstrated in text, video, and audio, are the…

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