How Facebook Made Your Content Much Easier


[pulsehover_text preset_name=”1″]Repurposing Your Content Just Got Easier[/pulsehover_text]


Active content marketing companies often will repost content, the same content, the same day in social media.

The theory is that the peeps who see your content in the AM are not the same seeing it at PM.

That is a bit active for my blood. But the idea of re-purposing your content is right on. The activity from one platform is limiting. As each platform rarely shares the same audience. Your followers at Facebook are not the same as the ones on G+ or Twitter.

So whenever I post a blog post, I always repost or curate them through my social channels. I might even use to curate/repost them through my secondary social sites.

Well Facebook recently activated a new feature.

It is called “On This Day”

You can go back and see what you posted a year or four years ago. Some of it probably is not evergreen.

But some days are pure gold. Today, I re-purposed three old posts from a year ago. I got a bunch of likes. Its the gift that keeps on giving.

Hoe can you repurpose your old stuff? There is an advantage with each passing year of content production. You have years of potential content to rehash.

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