Google Releases the Story of Search

Google tells us how search works.

1. Crawling and indexing: G claims there are 30 trillion pages and of course growing by

Architecture of a Web crawler.

Architecture of a Web crawler. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the second. Spiders or bots crawl the web or network of sites from page to page. Sorting by their content and other factors. Making over 100 million gigabytes that Google tracks.

2. Algorithms: Google writes programs to analyze all this information in order to deliver to the consumer the very best results possible. As we query a keyword phase the algo goes to work using over 200 page factors to make a best guess at what we mean.

google search lab

These search experiments lead to what Google says is 500 search improvements in a given year.

Precision Evaluation

4The Googlers explain how it works:

So after all this work, in 1/8th of a second we get the results!

google results

3. Fighting Spam: In order to give the best results Google works hard to make our experience the best. So Google does not like spammers. It wants us to get what we want. Otherwise we might drift to another search engine. And that is bad for business.

So Google works 24/7 to detect attempts to mislead them.

And as the Google Gods say:

And that’s how search works.

Behind your simple page of results is a complex system, carefully crafted and
tested, to support more than one-hundred billion searches each month.

My Comments: Google is really an amazing testament to human innovation in technology. It also is a breathing example of how not to be a starving artist.

More interesting to me than the company’s relentless innovations and long term view.¬† Is their relentless public relation efforts. Like the original big time hacker Kevin Mitniks that broke¬† into networks through manipulation of minds, not technology.

Google manipulates(call it influence if it makes you feel better), into the public and webmasters mind to lead and preserve their technology.

Here is the whole presentation as Google gives it:

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