Google Places optimization

Google Places Optimization

Google Places Optimization

What is a NAP? It is a citation. OK what is a citation?
In organic SEO we are used to this word described as a link. It was born from PageRank and Larry Page noticing the value of a scientific paper by the references or citations in other well regarded journals.

A citation in Local search is a local business address typically displayed as so:
City, State, ZIP
310 533 9145

Where can these be found? First of all on every page of your website(s). And then we see them often in review directories such as Yelp, YP, SuperPages. But wherever you control a webproperty is also a good place to list them.

KML and GEO Site MAP

Other factors to consider are an insertion of a KML and GEO Site map. A good builder is this tool here Just place the .KML and Geo Site map into the root of your site. We do this for our clients as part of their local campaigns.
Example KML info
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