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I told you before I would do a recap of what Google is all about in 2013.

I made a video for you.

It goes into some detail on a number of important changes that Google has made from the perspective of your audience.

Meaning the Google results page itself.

Here is what has changed in Google. Traditional SEO organic results are given less screen space for many search queries. (typically shorter tail or shorter queries).

There are solutions and we provide them as a service.

Here is what you need to know to thrive online in 2013.

Ubiquity is the new exclusivity. Meaning being everywhere is your dominance. I will show you how in later posts.

But suffice it to say that:


[social_quote duplicate=”yes” align=”default”]┬áDo not get stuck in the box trap. “My traffic strategy is Facebook” is not a strategy. It is the words of a traffic stunted webmaster. In fact to say that about anyone platform is just as tempting and just as faulty. But one thing is certain…[/social_quote]

Google still rules the internet. They have their own social network and have lots of time to let it build fans.

And that is why we have a love affair of one. And a proper strategy of ubiquity helps you to seduce the one .And of course the one is Google. And we have the ways to do that. Just remember:

  • Social media is seo: What are shares and likes and tweets but links?
  • Sseo is social media: My recent video just climbed to #4 for its keyword phrase. How is that not SEO?
  • Reputation management is social media: What is a review of your service on yelp but a social experience with you? I see folks not allowing peeps to tag them or post to their walls. Big mistake.
  • Reputation is seo: When someone searches for your business on Google do they find bad reviews of you first or a few pages of your profiles and websites?

I will delve more into these relationships later but I hope that you can see that all of them are different but very much influence one another.

2013 is the year where putting all the pieces together into a comprehensive and workable strategy matters to your business. We are here to help you. Two clues that are huge for 2013. Have a content creation strategy and get your sites readable on a mobile phone or tablet.

Let me know if you would like an analysis of your opportunities. As always we would like to be your partner with your traffic and leads needs.


Many have said SEO is dead after the Panda, Penguin, link removal emails, Exact Match Domain penalties and more. It is not dead, has changed. The shifts are prominent in local or Places search. With the 7 pack taking up a good part of the page.

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

So the biggest change is a lack of screen space available to traditional organic SERPs.


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