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G+: How to find clients in your local or niche market

How to find clients in your local or niche market.

  • Find clients in #G+ who are your future.
  • How to jack your competitors clients.
  • How to jack prospects from communities.
  • How to find interested/ing and targeted social peeps to friend with.
  • How to find thought leaders or centers of influence.
  • How to establish your own authority and thought leadership into a social community.

Adjust your computer volume….

Targeted Digital Networking With G Plus

When in the community section of Google Plus, you may find areas of interest where you might share a common interest or you may find people who share interest in what you sell.

For example in this screen shot, I cut out a Dog Lover community. If you sell doggy doors, there is a good chance there is a person in that group who wants doggy doors.

I also cut out a Tony Robbins enthusiast G+ community. People who sell NLP, hypnosis, or other self help services or products could easily establish some thought leadership and possible buyers.

g plus community

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