How to Extend Your Social Conversations For Fun and Profit

So I wanted to illustrate how to extend your conversation across platforms and thought that I would start out by showing that you can now very easily embed social posts into your WordPress post for curation.

How to Embed a Facebook post.

Simply  click the time stamp in Facebook and it will give you the link. Post the link / URL of the post directly into your post editor on its own line:
embed facebook linkThe challenge with this is that I posted this on someone else’s post as a comment. She is not public. So her post will not embed.

Moving on you can embed your own posts if they are public with the embed drop down that looks similar to Google Plus’ version of embed.

embed facebook into wordpressI am using this convention for a post about this post on our Fan Page. On the page I included just my commentary from my friends original posts about keywords.

How to Embed a GPlus post.

Google Plus’ embed is from their drop down as illustrated here:

There are many other opportunities

This is a story for this post over at Storify

With this technique I mostly just used embedding to join the various posts.
Another way we can extend our conversations is to add social commentary into our blogs. I will save that for another time.

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