The Social Media Reality Effect

Do you watch reality TV? Do you watch the evening news? Do you remember positive thinking gurus telling us not to watch or read the news as it is only one thing. Exaggerated bad stuff. And it is perceived globally. In other words we generalize that bad into the rest…

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Are You Cheating on Your Market?

kim kardashian

Are you a taker? Are you the business person who only says hello with the obligatory Christmas or Birthday card? When it is time for business you provide it and then ask for a referral straight out of Glen Gary Glenn Ross sales 101. Congratulations, you are a dinosaur and…

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Why My Social Posts Go Viral

What do you see? A white dot on black? A black background on a white dot? Novelty… Or difference is a humanly innate, inbred, wired way we view the world. It is that DNA thing where we see that slight movement in the brush on the Savannah in our  Cro-Magnon…

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