Why Your Social Efforts Are Failing

The Experience Economy
Some might call it the ADD or what have you done for me lately economy. Its why we spend $3 more for coffee at Starbucks.

Our prospective clients (and you and I are similar in this) have collective consumer ADD. It has been estimated that we get up to
5,000 + messages sent at us a day.

Those numbers have been debated but the real point that is not debatable is that advertising messages are everywhere. And has us all in a sensory overload of solicitation.

And lets not forget to mention the conspiratorial subliminal messages that we supposedly get and the barrage of priming and story messages put into our daily view.

Its like they know we are overwhelmed with the obvious billboards, TV, and radio ads. So let’s get the other more powerful part of our mind with a straight shot at our Sub C. Continue reading →

Social Media is About Being Social Which Means People

G+Social media is great. But if everyone is talking and nobody is listening then you are spending a wasted effort.

Make sure that you have followers of whatever content you are posting in the area of the platform that you are posting.

You can get more followers by:
1. Advertising. Do this wrong and you will have lots more likes and followers not in your target market.
2. We talked about this in the last post. Make sure to go off your walls and comment and talk with folks on their walls, and communities. Be helpful and a thought leader.

This is extremely important for instance if you post into Google Plus. It will be all for not if nobody is following you.

When folks are signed into Google and are circled with you. You most likely will show up on their Google search results. If you are not circled with them, then you will not show up on their main  results.

So go get more people in your target demographic circled!

What is Your Very Best Defense Against Bigger Websites?

I have been working hard of late putting together a series of posts and material around strategy for you. I have written about this before.

Key Points You Will Receive When You Read This Complete Article:

  • Your experiences and skills demonstrated in text, video, and audio, are the only unique content.
  • Tricks and gimmicks are nothing without strategy.
  • Your values guide everything.
  • Technology is fleeting as an advantage.
  • Demonstrating what data means is far more compelling than handing over the data for your prospects translation to meaning.
  • Failure to demonstrate is selfish to your market and will be eventually punished by Google and the social-sphere.

Much of this is not new, but only more crucial than ever for your survival.¬† Especially for mid size businesses down, who cannot afford mistakes. Continue reading →