Social SEO for 2015:Did Google FUD You?


In an internet not too far away, it  was so easy to get a Google ranking that the Mountain View, CA behemoth had to do something to slow down the manipulation. Not just anything, it had to be huge. Besides some fundamental changes in the Google display, and their algo,…

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Why My Social Posts Go Viral


What do you see? A white dot on black? A black background on a white dot? Novelty… Or difference is a humanly innate, inbred, wired way we view the world. It is that DNA thing where we see that slight movement in the brush on the Savannah in our  Cro-Magnon…

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What The SEOs Aren’t Telling You

Social Icons

We are ranking clients websites, organic and Business/Local. Big deal OK, OK… We are ranking clients Facebook pages and posts. We are ranking clients Yelp pages. We are ranking clients videos. On their site and on YouTube and other platforms. And I can go on. Suffice it to say on…

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How Seinfeld Will Save Your Social Media


If you enjoyed Seinfeld then you might recall the Show About Nothing Pitch to NBC. The pitch was basically a mirror of what the real Seinfeld show was seemingly about. But if you pay attention it was about much more. Most Seinfeld episodes has multiple story lines happening, many that…

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How Facebook Made Your Content Much Easier

on this day

    Active content marketing companies often will repost content, the same content, the same day in social media. The theory is that the peeps who see your content in the AM are not the same seeing it at PM. That is a bit active for my blood. But the…

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