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Are You a Member of the Social Spam Club?

To Spam Blast or Socialize that is the Question?  We often chose scale over substance.  Whereas substance can allow us to connect with people.  Connecting with our potential clients is easier to do than ever.  Otherwise we risk insulting  them with shallow messages than connecting with them.

So if we want to scale way up, we can blast out our messages with a tool like Hootsuite. Which will take our post to multiple social media platforms. We are doing that for clients now. As Rich Shefren taught me ten years ago. “It is better to do something shitty than not at all.”

And blasting is OK if you have a decent message and engage socially.  Afterall, it is called social media. And most treat it like they do Google. Like it is somehow a con game to trick with the least possible effort and expense.

So lucky enough I just found  this unedited and raw podcast that tackles the above subjects and more. It is so good I am wondering how I lost it in the first place.

This Podcast tackles how to embrace social media, search engines, and reputation marketing in a strategic whole. Not a set of disparate parts. It is packed with multiple layers of learning for your social media marketing.

The main lesson to take home. Be the trusted source on your topical theme. Do this right and it will flow through all three aspects of internet traffic. Search, Social and Reputation.

Key takeaways:

  • Content is to be re-purposed across the web and curated.
  • What is your story? (if you do not tell a compelling story then you need to contact me for a consult).
  • Not everything gets into Google-indexed pages vs non indexed pages.

Broadcasting should not be a blatant sale but a demonstration of your worth to your audience. A good story helps this along.

Warning: this podcast some time specific tools that have changed at Google. They are relevant to the main points. But I want you to be aware of this. I felt the found content was so good that I did not want to have to try and recreate the audio.

Social Media 101

Social Media Marketing Secrets

The secret to social media marketing is that it is like network marketing or MLM. It is not who you know, but more importantly who knows who you know.

Why Do Skinny Girls Weigh Themselves?

Skinny Girl on Scale with Quote on Measures

What Comes First The Scale or Weigh In?
By virtue of the scale, the focus on weight is created.
Similarly, by showing a measure on any data, useful or not, we imply value to that measure.

Think about Page Rank, Link Popularity,  Social Reach, etc.

Meaningless terms without context. Easily manipulated and misunderstood. And in the case of Page Rank. It is a measure which was meaningless for its inaccuracies (think of a scale that is off or missing a battery) more than it was a useful measure.

Same with link popularity *simply the number of links to a page). Which grew because it was once useful before Google was born. But yet still people wanted to know. How many shares does one have? How do you interpret that? And it is still true, that if you cannot measure you cannot manage it, and if you can’t manage it you can’t change it.

Getting a Green Light in SEOI am reminded of a client of mine who uses Yoast SEO Plugin. This tool gives you a green light if it is a good SEO’s post, and red for bad.

I have tried to tell him many times that it isn’t gospel. But just a reminder. But he treats it this way and thinks it a very valuable tool for his successes.  Who am I to argue if it gets him cognizant of the rules?

This is really a great marketing lesson because when you name something, or label something, you own the context and often the concept.