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Comment and get people talking

How to Get More Engagement on Social Media

Get Social
The problem with social media is that there is not enough social even if there is enough media.

Short answer go engage them where they are.

Is your social media the walking dead?

If you have ever wondered about blogging or social media and wondered what would you write about. Or that can’t work then your social is probably hurting. There are two big reasons for that.

You probably have a content funnel issue.  If you have an abundance of content you can funnel it and or curate it across multiple social platforms.

Then if you are like many who actually work in the real world. You soon realize how much time you are spending. And then you might get giddy to discover you can blast your content out to many networks with a tool like Hootsuite. The challenge with this approach is that it is not very social.And those that only post quickly lose their audience.

The  trick is not about just your content. It is about who is seeing your content. So if you are not actively seeking to grow your network then you will never get much out a social effort. Why I call it a ghost.
The Secret to a Lively Social Media experience.  Visit groups or communities or posters whom have segregated themselves by #hashtags and their social associations that are in your world.
Some places to start: do a search and it query hashtagged conversations
And before there was web 2.0 social media there were forums and groups.!browse Google forum directories and then a topic and you will find hundreds of possible conversations.

Start finding topics near and dear to your heart. Guessing what your prospects read. And start commenting on them. And when I say comment I say do it with a backbone and attitude. In other words be an expert. Flex your expert muscles and add value to the conversation.

Add some new content to the conversation, a link, video, graphic. Better if it is your content.

You will have people coming to your profile to add you. I have had prospects call me from comments I did in a Facebook Group. My commentary on one blog was so good, the author asked if she could make it an entire post.

Learn to find topics where your prospects will be hanging out. They will not necessarily be content posters themselves. Often they are simply consumers of the content and looking for a solution to their pain.  And how cool will it be when they find your answers?

Own your authority. So often I go into groups and SEO guys will troll boards just so they can answer. That’s good on them. But where they screw up is that they sound like everybody else. They are just repeating what the searcher read a million other places. Get your voice and that is developed by what it is you teach and say and do that makes you unique and better in your crowded marketplace.

Be a Rachel Hannity  Let me ask you something. Do you ever watch cable news? Forget the politics. Study their art. I council my clients to be Rachel Maddow, Chris Mathews, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly.

Now for  some, you may have had a feeling for disdain from two of them, and some sort of attraction for the other two like me. That is called polarization. And it is done on purpose.

What many marketers do not get and is now for your advantage is that only 1/3 of the population will ever really be your fan. We are too short, too tall, too fat, too skinny, too male, too female, for many people, but perfect for many others. I will bet that you,  like me found this polarization thing weird at first. But it is real and used in many political and marketing campaigns all the time.

I know that most want it all and thus speak with a milk toasty consistency. But if you are not super targeted your message may fly right over your real audience’s head. Realize that 1/3 of the 1/3 of 1/3 is more than enough to feed your business for several lifetimes. So why aren’t you talking exclusively to them and forget pleasing the others?

If you run a personal brand like a dentist, lawyer or real estate agent. Why aren’t you revealing a little bit of you? Let your best 1/3 know who you are, what you do, what you stand up for and to. This makes you a real animated human being and people would rather buy from human beings.  After all that is why you have a personal brand. Otherwise just call yourself ACME INC.

So remember create content and socialize with people who know people you want to know on this digital chamber of commerce meeting that we call the internet.

Comment and get people talking
Go talk to people. People like to get comments and likes and shares.

How to Get More Likes and Shares

Getting your content shared across the internet is a huge cause of direct and indirect traffic. So knowing how to create more shares matters.

But also knowing how to keep your visitors engaged with your social feeds help too.

Impressions Matter

The internet economy is largely based on impressions. So many sites like UpWorthy will share viral content into social media with the intent of inducing us to click over to their site. The more this happens, the more they can charge for advertising.

But when all they do is share a video, I am not so happy to share their site. I instead share the video.

This matters because as you will see I got a share from a video within minutes. While the person who originally shared the video on Facebook, received zero.

This is the video embeded onto UpWorthy.


So I right clicked and grabbed the You Tube URL as you can see above.

I then shared it as normal by curating some commentary around the video and posting it into my Facebook feed. It was shared within minutes as you can see below:

Shae VideosThis matters because you work hard to produce content the more it is shared the better. But also because Facebook or any platform will look favorably on you when you share content that gets liked and shared.  And thus they will share your stuff more often.

I will say that not including the originating sharer in the share thread is bad social etiquette. However, since I do not like to share a video that sends somebody away from my feed(unless it is to my content elsewhere), I like to strip the video like above.


How to Make a Quick Video That Ranks On Google

So a client asked me about creating videos easily. I told him I would make this tutorial.

The tools I use are  Camtasia and Techsmith.  I illustrate in the video some other free and easy alternative tools.

But the process was considered under the idea that a local business would take photos and then process those videos into a YouTube Upload/Video Slide Show.

The tutorial:

The final result: